Central Drugs Standard Control Organization

Directorate General of Health Services
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
Government of India

Draft Notifications

S.no Title Release Date Download Pdf Pdf Size
1 DR_ Draft_G.S.R. 686 (E) dt_25.09.2023_Inclusion of Oseltamivir and Zanamivir in Schedule H1 2023-Sep-25 658 KB
2 DR_Draft_G.S.R. 687(E) dt_25.09.2023_Omission of Glyceryl Trinitrate and Isosorbide Dinitrate from Schedule P1 and modification in Rule 105 2023-Sep-25 1310 KB
3 CR_Draft G.S.R. 371(E) dt_15.05.2023_Certain amendments in Cosmetics Rule 2020 2023-May-15 1173 KB
4 2023.03.01_Draft_ GSR 157(E)_Medical Device Rule 18 and 19 Amendment (Central Government and State Government) 2023-Mar-01 642 KB
5 2023.03.01_Draft_GSR 158(E)_Notification of Gangavaram port 2023-Mar-01 569 KB
6 DR_G.S.R. 227(E) dt_29.03.2022_To include colour of disinfectants in rule 127 of Drugs Rules 1945 2022-Mar-29 1527 KB
7 DR_G.S.R. 75(E) dt_01.02.2022_Inclusion of Acitretin in Sch H of Drugs Rules 1945 2022-Feb-01 1346 KB
8 MDR_G.S.R. 797(E) dt_18.10.2019_Registration of Certain Medical Devices_chapter-IIIA 2019-Oct-18 370 KB
9 DR_G.S.R. 214(E) dt_11.03.2019_Notification of ICD Dhannad Indore in Madhya Pradesh for import of drugs under Rule 43A 2019-Mar-11 316 KB
10 MDR_G.S.R.188(E) dt_06.03.2019_Amendment in Form MD-10 to replace the SLA as issuing authority with CLA in MDR 2017 2019-Mar-06 315 KB
11 DR_G.S.R.187(E) dt_06.03.2019_Amendment in Form 45 and Form 46 under Schedule-A of D&C Rules 1945 2019-Mar-06 323 KB
12 DR_G.S.R.152(E) dt_26.02.2019_Condition of licence for undertaking on brand or trade names of drugs 2019-Feb-26 235 KB
13 MDR_G.S.R. 87(E) dt_04.02.2019_Exemption of State & Central Govt testing labs from NABL accreditation for two years under MDR 2017 2019-Feb-04 329 KB
14 DR_G.S.R. 88(E) dt_04.02.2019_Omission of provision for writing brand name in brackets in Rule 96 of D &C Rules 1945 2019-Feb-04 312 KB
15 MDR_G.S.R. 1187(E) dt_07.12.2018_Amendment of Rule 91 and the Second Schedule for fees of free sale certificate in the MDR 2017 2018-Dec-07 340 KB
16 DR_G.S.R. 334(E) dt_04.04.2018_Amendment of Rule 122 (E)_inclusion of Stem Cell in New Drug definition 2018-Apr-04 1740 KB
17 DR_G.S.R. 1368(E) dt_03.11.2017_Amendment in Sch K (serial no 34)_93 percent oxygen 2017-Nov-03 1585 KB
18 DR_G.S.R. 319(E) dt_31.03.2017_Perpetual Licensing 2017-Mar-31 1201 KB
19 DR_G.S.R. 302(E) dt_30.03.2017_Font size of proper name 2017-Mar-30 1149 KB
20 DR_G.S.R. 101(E) dt_02.02.2017_Addition to rule 122P Scg F Sch K 2017-Feb-02 1116 KB
21 DR_G.S.R. 102(E) dt_02.02.2017_Amendment rule 2, 74, 74B, 76,78_BCS classification_BABE 2017-Feb-02 1120 KB
22 DR_G.S.R. 80(E) dt_01.02.2017_Amendment rule 67F, 67G, 85E, Sch-K and Sch MI 2017-Feb-01 1139 KB
23 DR_G.S.R. 357(E) dt_29.03.2016_Sch M III_QMS for notified Medical devices and Invitro Diagnostics 2016-Mar-29 485 KB
24 DR_G.S.R. 312(E) dt_16.03.2016_Schedule K_Exemptions for Homeopathic hair oils, Custom mededevices, Zinc sulfate tablets 2016-Mar-16 145 KB
25 DR_G.S.R. 268(E) dt_01.03.2016_Amendment Rule 43A_Addition of ports 2016-Mar-01 127 KB
26 DR_G.S.R. 69(E) dt_03.02.2015_Amendment rule 122DA, Sch A, Sch Y_Definition of NCE CT GCT 2015-Feb-03 160 KB
27 DR_G.S.R. 350(E) dt_23.05.2014_Omittion in Sch Q and Inclusion in Sch S 2014-May-23 98 KB
28 DR_G.S.R. 311(E) dt_05.05.2014_Prohibitions of Import of Cosmetics tested on animals 2014-May-05 871 KB
29 DR_G.S.R. 311(E) dt_05.05.2014_Insertion of Rule 135B for prohibition of import of cosmetics to be tested on animals 2014-May-05 871 KB
30 DR_G.S.R. 292(E) dt_24.04.2014_Compensation in case of injury durign Clinical Trial 2014-Apr-24 116 KB
31 DR_G.S.R. 176(E) dt_11.03.2014_74,74A,74B,78,78A_No advertisement for Sch H, H1 and X drugs 2014-Mar-11 96 KB
32 DR_G.S.R. 364(E) dt_06.07.2013_Audio Video recording of Informed consen 2013-Jul-06 283 KB
33 DR_G.S.R. 249(E) dt_22.03.2012_Rule 161_labelling of Ayurvedic or Unani Drugs 2012-Mar-22 46 KB
34 DR_G.S.R. 228(E) dt_20.03.2012_Incorporation of Sc-H1 2012-Mar-20 124 KB
35 DR_G.S.R. 105(E) dt_25.02.2008_Sch M-IV_GMP for Invitro diagnostic reagents or kits 2008-Feb-25 1516 KB